Online Poker linked with Strategic Deception

Whenever you think about Poker, the first thing that might come to your mind may be bluffing or as we say it strategic deception. Dr Jeff Yan from Lancaster University and Jussi Palomaki from the University of Helsinki researched on the topic and came with a conclusion that online poker is the best way to understand the psychology of strategic deception.

People or players who engage in strategic deception and take control of others are often known as Machiavellian, derived from the infamous Italian Renaissance diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli.

According to researchers, people who bluff in the game of online poker are both high and low on Machiavellian and the bet they make during the game even after having a bad hand decides whether they are high on Machiavelli or not. This trait denotes people who do bluffing wants to be control of the game, scenarios and relationships.

Dr. Jeff Yan explains, “To be a successful poker player, the general advice is to be the one controlling the action. Machiavellians might have an increased propensity to bluff not because they are amoral or desire status in life, but because they dislike showing weakness and generally desire to be in control.”

The research included 490 online poker players in a similar setting to that of Pokerstars. The study results in findings like most players are Machiavellians and are more likely to become angry when the game is played slowly. This makes most of the players with Machiavellians to bluff more than what they are required even after having a bad hand.

According to Dr. Jeff Yan, “Although Machiavellians have typically been considered to be cold-blooded and calculating, our results show that when they get slow-played, being the target of manipulation elicits strong negative emotions. High Machiavellians generally like to feel in control and dislike showing weakness and might thus be prone to feeling distraught when someone else displays control over them — by making them look weak and exploitable by using their own weapon of deception against them.”

The research and study is aimed to bring a breakthrough and a problem solver for cyber crime that affects sectors like e-commerce and financial services. By knowing a person’s strategic deception, the number of crimes in these sectors can be reduced by a big margin.


$400 Million Online Poker Deal for Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is back in news and this time not for his SWAG, but for his deal with World Poker Fund Holdings, a publicity traded company behind According to the company Soulja Boy was “one of most influential urban entertainers and artist on social media today”.

Soulja announced the news on 1st May via Twitter saying, “$400 million deal confirmed. I still they think they low balled me though. I was thinking 2 or 3 billion..”. The deal enables him to promote the company’s game assets which also include an upcoming in-flight gaming. When the tweet was made by Soulja, his twitter followers which counts up to 4.86 million were wondering what the deal might mean. They really thought it to be his new single or record and deal might be signed for that.

We approached Matthew Bird, a publicist to talk about the deal and he went on saying, “Soulja Boy represents the best of the best and we are already seeing the impact from his presence.”  According to us, someone in the high management in World Poker Fund Holdings was behind this idea. Or it can be a computer algorithm scanning through celebrities who might accept a deal like this.

Why Americans don’t Prefer Online Poker

Online Poker has becomes one of America’s most favourite past times and there are many players who take this game with utmost seriousness. During our conversation with some of the top online poker players, they revealed something that can change the perception of legalized online poker and why they don’t prefer it being legal in United States.

Going back to the history of legalization, before 2006 the online poker players were not that optimistic of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. During the same period of time, Black Friday took place when most of the famous online poker websites collapsed giving nightmares to devoted players. While most of players got their deposits in these websites frozen, others don’t even have any idea how to recover their cash. After all these events, players now don’t trust the legalization of online poker completely as the websites want them to be.

The legalization of online poker is not a positive thing for many of the players. They thoroughly believe if poker gets legalized, the government won’t be able to manage the entire thing effectively which might lead to another Black Friday. As of now, players are quite happy in playing freely and they really don’t want any government interference in between. Players are also not sure of how legalization of online poker is going to change the way people play on specific sites. Players might need to switch platforms if it happens but they are very reluctant of getting out of their comfort zone too.

There is one reason why online poker players are hesitating to make poker websites being legalized. That one reason is the tax they have to pay to the government as earnings through online gaming. As of now, there are very less rules and regulations that relates to the poker industry and therefore players need to declare very less amount in Form 1040 and IRS. Players are paying these tax amounts via online websites and so they have more options to pick to reduce their tax amount but if it comes under regulations, the flexibility to reduce to tax truncates.

California Online Poker Bill Got Revised

The California online poker bill was revised on Wednesday and it surely gives hope to the players when the hearing will be done next week. This also has given some hope to the players who were waiting for years to have some progress in this online poker issue.

The last time this online poker bill was voted was on April 2015 when an earlier version of Assemblyman Adam Gray’s legislation advanced out of committee. The bill was never looked again or modified the rest of the year. In the latest legislation that was introduced on February 19, the following additions were made to AB 2863:

“The bill would become operative when criteria are established by statute addressing involvement in Internet betting prior to the state’s authorization of Internet poker pursuant to its provisions […] The act that added this subparagraph shall not become operative until criteria are established by statute to address involvement in Internet betting prior to the state’s authorization of Internet poker pursuant to this chapter.”

The additions just denote that the so called “bad-actor” issue will again rise for the debate. Some players have also opposed PokerStars to bring on their players and play on their behalf as they were once in trouble with the federal government. Later on, they were discharged of the case as PokerStars was proved of not doing anything wrong.

PokerStars was launched in New Jersey on March but the brand is being hit with charges like insider trading in Canada by the former CEO of its parent company. The charges can make it a very difficult path for the brand as well as for the authorization of online poker according to Steve Stallings, chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association.

Online Poker Website Features: Synchronized Tournament Breaks

10 years ago, online poker was a different game all together. Players had to take their own breaks from the tournaments which often led to distractions and misfortunes. But in 2009, it all changed when Full Tilt Poker’s ftpdoug announced in a forum named PocketFives that they are bringing a new feature to the website which will allow the players to have a forced break every hour during Multi Table Tournaments.

Although, no one was 100% sure how the players will respond to the new feature, the concept was a hit and one by one, other poker websites started updating their platform with Synchronized Tournament Breaks. The first website to follow Full Tilt Poker was PokerStars by bringing forced breaks at a range of 00:55 to 01:00.

When Doug started it off, he just took the request from the forum members at PocketFives and forwarded it to the representatives of Full Tilt Poker. They later on requested the developers who were genuinely surprised by easiness to pull of this amazing concept.

Poker players including the seasoned MTT players welcomed the concept and praised each site for adding this feature. Taking a break from multi-table tournaments no longer had the negative impacts to the players’ mindset and Synchronized Tournament Breaks still remains as one of the major update executed in almost all the poker websites.

In an industry where players try to bluff each other, the adoption of Synchronized Tournament Breaks was something new and staying there as one of the top feature even after all these years shows the collaboration between players and the websites. Although, nowadays PokerStars is having a bad time in making a positive relationship with their players, we just hope they will bring something new that will build the relationship stronger than ever!

PokerStars is the New Star of New Jersey & 888 Surpassed by PokerStars in Cash Game Traffic


The PokerStars is now officially the most grossing website in the online poker industry in New Jersey after a week of its official launch. By giving precedence to its new online poker players in NJ, PokerStars were able to engage more players in the region. They have also considered in engaging the unhappy players, thereby marking the success and increasing the overall traffic to the website.


The big players in the industry like and 888 were overtaken by PokerStars within days of the official launch in New Jersey. Statistics shows that there has been a 20% increase in the traffic of the online poker games; this suggests that more people are emerging as poker players.

PokerStars’ emergence into the market has been a real threat for the existing poker operators like WSOP, 888, Borgata & Partypoker. PokerStarts is eating away the market shares of the predecessors, which is one of the main reasons for the huge success of the company in the market. This is evident from the fact that the new venture has gone to the top of the list while the market has just increased by 20%.

The following is list of the predecessors of PokerStars in NJ, who has lost their market share:

Platform Loss (%)  After the Launch
888 30%
PartyPoker 20%


So it is high time for 888,, PartyPoker & Borgata to think seriously into the issue before they lose a larger chunk of their market share. The grinders will be find it less appealing if the number of player depreciates who are looking to multi-table.

Higher risk in the present scenario is for Borgata and PartyPoker, where they have already dropped below 100 avg players. This is a situation where the grinders reconsider other platforms for seamless playing experience. This will however help 888 and to at least compete with PokerStars for the time being.

Poker Website Update – February 2016

Poker websites were reaping benefits and huge profits with the help of new players in January 2016. But when we look into the month of February, it’s a complete different story!

Most of the top poker websites like PokerStars and its sister site Full Tilt were on a loss in the month of February according to PokerScout, an online directory for poker websites. Other poker websites that shared the same fate were iPoker Network, Adjarabet and

Big Gainers and Losers

Some of the big gainers for the month of February 2016 were the 3rd ranked Bodog and 6th and 7th ranked and PartyPoker. Bodong was successful to get 100 new players while PartyPoker and Winamax added 50 players each.

Websites like 888poker and the PokerStars Italy and Spain didn’t lost or add any players in the month. While 888poker keeps hold of its position in the 2nd spot, the PokerStar websites were on 5th and 8th spot respectively. 888poker is predicted to go further up in rankings as they have took the opportunity of sponsoring this year’s WSOP event.

The legal sites in the US did fairly well and were able to hold their ranks. Al though, non regulated sites of US like Winning Poker Network were not able to add any player in the month of February, they are still in 11th rank and are 50 players short off getting to the top 10.

February has seen players less interested in cash games and it has resulted in the decline of players for many sites. We just hope it gets better by March though!